Best Choice Of Computer Specs For Programming Practices

Well, it is a bit tough for choosing the best computer specs for programming. There are so many models in the market. Every model is offering different kinds of trade-offs.

Writing code is possible in most computers. But if you want productivity, then you should buy a laptop that is suitable for your work.

Also, there is no exact recommendation for buying a computer. Everything depends on what will you do on it.

As a beginner in development, you can buy a computer with low specs. But if you want to go on the pro level, you have to increase the specifications as you can.

So now, what are the computer specs for programming? To answer this question, we have to go into detail. But remember, everything depends on what will you do on it.Best Choice Of Computer Specs For Programming Practices

Computer Specs For Programming – Suitable Guide

Table of Contents

Computer Specs For Programming

  • Screen Sizes
  • Display Quality
  • Processor Power
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Operating System

Screen Sizes

Screen Sizes

There are many shapes and sizes for Laptops or Monitors. For a laptop, you have to consider how portability you need.

A big screen can increase the productivity of your works, but a small screen of a laptop is suitable for carrying.

If you have to travel a lot or work in several places, then you should buy a laptop with a 14-inch Laptop or 13 inches.

As for monitors, try to buy a bigger screen like 15 inches or more than that, or buy two monitors if you can. You will see the difference in how your work increases on that.

Note: don’t buy any touchscreen laptop, this is just an extra cost of money without getting any benefits.

Display/Monitor Quality


A programmer has to work in front of a computer a lot of times. Always have to pay attention to every detail. And that’s why display Quality is needed because of these long periods of working time.

1366 x 760 display is mediocre in a budget laptop. It is okay for people who wants to start as a beginner. Though on this resolution, it is challenging for multitasking.

So to prevent this trouble, try to buy a laptop with at least a 1920 x 1080 display. The same goes for monitors.

Also, you can buy a 4k display, which will be best. Though it will cost more and again it will drain battery life fast for laptop.

Processor Power


The processor is one of the fundamental parts of a computer that you shouldn’t miss considering before buying.

In a processor, there are some parts or things that make different of it. The essential things are the number of cores, thermal design, cache size, and frequency. You have to consider these specs before buying them.

You need at least a core i5 processor with at least 3 GHz frequency for general programming. The more the numbers are better. Try to take the latest generation based processor.



Nowadays, the size of the applications is more significant and more prominent. To run these applications, you need a larger RAM on your computer.

In a 4GB RAM, you can do programming, but that will not be enough. You need at least 8 GB of RAM. Even it is also not enough to run many applications.

If you have money in your budget, try to buy a 16 GB of RAM. Both for Laptops and Desktops.



Storage has a significant effect on computer performance. You should give priority to buy an SSD (Solid State Drive). SSSD helps to increase the performance of your computer.

You will get a faster speed to run any file. You can do programming, load files, or any operations faster than before.

Though SSD costs extra money, still you should buy at least 256GB SSD to increase your programming works productivity.

HDD is cheaper, but SSD is a hundred times better than that. Or you can use SSD and HDD both. To do that you don’t need much SSD, it’s the best option for you.

Operating Systems


There are different kinds of Operating System for computers. Popular OS are Windows, macOS and Linux.

Windows has more options than MacOS. macOS has limits. And for a programmer, Linux will be better than others. You will find your work-related environment here.

You can use Linux OS on most of the computers. But if you want to buy a laptop and want to use Linux, you should buy a laptop that has pre-installed it and has official Support.

Other Things

Other Things

For laptops, choose a laptop that has good keyboard quality. Cause most of the time, you have to bang out programming all day.

The keys and the space between keys should notice carefully and check it is suitable for you or not. And for desktop, buy an external keyboard as we said for laptops.

Battery life is also essential for Laptops if you work on the outside a lot. And don’t depend on the expected battery performance that told by manufacturers.

Check on any reliable website or talk with any users who bought the same laptop and listen to their review.

And remember, you don’t need any Graphics card for your programming work. It’s better to spend that money on SSD or RAM.

Final Words

Now the, we have come to the end of our guide. As you have come so far, hopefully you have realized what aspects you need to keep in mind while choosing a computer for programming.

So, this is all about computer specs for programming. If you enjoyed this guide, share it with your upcoming developer friends!

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