Do You Need A Powerful Computer For Coding? [Programmers Journal]

Who doesn’t want a compatible life with modern technology? This era depends on coding entirely.

So, if you are willing to learn to code, you are one step ahead of your everyday life. But a question may arise frequently do you need a powerful computer for coding?

If you want a specific answer, then the answer is no, it’s not always required to have a powerful computer for coding.

But you need some specifications to look at. That’s why today we are going to help you with everything needed.

Need A Powerful Computer For Coding

Do You Need A Powerful Computer For Coding?

Do You Need A Powerful Computer For Coding?

If you want to know that, do you need a strong computer for coding or not, we want to assure you that you can carry on necessary works with less powerful computers.

If your primary intention is to do essential coding or if you are a beginner, a less powerful computer will serve you. For example, if you want to develop desktop apps, a less powerful computer can help you well.

Specifically, beginner programmers can easily use a regular computer with less configuration for essential learning. But if you want fantastic feedback and facilities, you have to buy a powerful computer for you.

For mobile development to web development, these critical sectors require computers with relatively high specifications.

That’s why if you want to develop a mobile or web, you must have a powerful computer. Also, with moderately powerful computers, you can work if you are a professional.

But if you are a beginner, we would suggest you get a less powerful computer only if you have the intention to upgrade it later. Otherwise, when you learn how to code correctly, it will be difficult for you to use.

Minimum Required Specifications For Coding

Minimum Required Specifications For Coding

In case you have less budget and can’t upgrade your computer sooner, don’t worry. Here are a few things that you must have on your computer for coding.

These are the minimum requirements that you will need to work initially. But later on, you have to upgrade your computer for extended work. Let’s have a look at those:

Monitor Of Fair Resolution


If you are a beginner, you might not understand the importance of a good monitor for coding.

But when you start to work, you will realize it soon. A suitable resolution of the monitor is necessary for coding.

So, you need a minimum 1920 x 1080 resolution in your computer’s monitor. If possible, you can add multiple monitors with your existing monitor later. But that’s not that much necessary.

Upgraded SSD


From your hard disk drive, you need to switch into SSD for good speed immediately. Speedy functionality in your computer is a must while you are working as a coder.

With other components, you have to upgrade your SSD too. As a coder, you must have a quick data retrieval system in your computer for extended comfort. An upgraded SSD can provide you with that.

Extended Ram


So far, it is one of the essential facilities that should be present in your computer for coding purposes.

Without a good memory, you can’t work comfortably. Specially coders require a lot of space on their computer because of the coding work.

Otherwise, the coder will be interrupted by constant lagging, slow feedback, shuttering, and even crashing! All of these problems are very annoying while coding because it can ruin your whole mood.

Initially, 16 GB ram is preferable for your necessary coding. But if you can, it’s better to get a Ram of 32GB capacity.

CPU Performance


Even with more Ram, your work can get slower because of the CPU performance. Once you start working, if your work frequently gets interrupted, you will feel terrible.

That’s why Intel i5 or i7 processors are required for your basic coding. Afterwards, you can build your computer stronger with an upgraded CPU.

If you can, you can upgrade to 10th gen Intel i7. Basic coding can be done smoothly using the 8th gen Intel i7 CPU.



If your intention is to develop a higher graphics game, you have to be careful about this component. Otherwise, you can just let it be.

You can use an external GPU for developing your higher graphics games. Moreover, you will get a fantastic performance using this.

Battery Life

Battery Life 2

This is a must when you want to welcome yourself to the coding world. Without extended battery life on your computer, you can’t get good feedback. That’s why extended battery life is important.

Your computer should have a minimum battery capacity of 6 hours: the longer, the better for you.

Minimum Software Requirements For Coding


Even with a less powerful computer, if you have this software, you can go on very well on your initial journey of coding.

So, let’s have a look at a few required software for your coding with a less powerful computer.

1. SQL

1 1

This software will help you to learn the basic coding commands in a better way. You can explore a lot of functionality using this software.

2. Text Editor

2.Text Editor

You can have any text editor for your coding. But sublime text and notepad can help you in a standard way.

3. Linux

Linux is vastly popular among the coders. You can get introduced to coding troubleshoot issues and customize your workflow using this. If you are a beginner coder, it can amazingly serve you.

4. Python


Everything is possible to do with python. You can develop any web and application using this language.

So, it’s needed for your computer to support this language. The non-complex syntax is required for beginners.

Final Words

As you have read until now, you now know that not every coding work requires a powerful computer. We hope that the answer has helped you to the question, “do you need a powerful computer for coding” properly.

We have tried to help you by providing additional information too. If you have any further confusion regarding this topic, you can ask your local computer experts.

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