USB Microphone Buzzing: 7 Dreadful Reasons and Their Effective Solutions

USB Microphone Buzzing

A USB microphone buzzing is one of the essential instruments for our laptop, iPad, Mac Books, etc. The USB microphone contains all types of recording facilities. We can easily record something and communicate with someone so easily. The USB microphone buzzing is a seriously annoying issue. It is a sign that indicates that it doesn’t …

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How To Fix Beats Headphones One Side Is Silent? [DIY]

How To Fix Beats Headphones One Side Is Silent

The headphone is necessary gadgets for our day to day life. We cannot pass a single day without headphones. This gadget is used for listening to music or something and for communications. We know that like us this is also your favorite gadget. Beats quality is essential for headphones. Sometimes we face problems in beats …

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How To Solve Microphone Buzzing Grounding Issue?

How To Solve Microphone Buzzing Grounding Issue

The microphone is a device that transforms the electrical signal to sound. We all have a mobile phone or laptop with a microphone connectivity system. The microphone is one of the essential gadgets for our life. We cannot live a single day without a microphone. Sometimes out microphone buzzing grounding issue and we cannot find …

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The Problem Of Beats Earbuds One Side Not Working And The Way To Solve


We all are use earbuds. But the common problem with using earbuds is one side not working. There is no one who has encountered this problem using beats earbuds. There are many reasons to lose one side of the beats earbuds, and there are many ways to fix it. To know about the problem and …

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