Logitech Microphone Not Working? [Reasons & 4 Effective Way To Fix]

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Are you finding it challenging to get your recording done? Or your friends can’t hear you on the other side of the phone call? Do you think it is a result of your Logitech microphone not working?

Well, you have come to the right place for the solutions.

The issue about using headphones with the mics not functioning is that you try as hard as you can to get heard, and sometimes the person on the other side actually hears you but faintly. There are several ways to fix that issue, and we’re going to take a good look at all of them in this article.

When you’re facing this issue, there are some issues that you need to look out for. Some of them include the following.

This may not be the issue with your Logitech, especially if it is new or if you have been handling it with care. However, the problem could arise at any time, so you may have to try the other steps, and if they still don’t work, then the problem is probably due to a faulty mic.

Logitech Microphone Not Working

No Access Allowed (Windows 10)

This is an issue we’re going to attempt to resolve in this article. The problem may not be from your headphones, and it could just be that you have not been allowed access to it. This is mainly for Windows 10 users.

The first step to resolve the failure of Logitech Mic is to verify if your device is able to access all your computer apps. You can take the following procedures to verify and alter these settings:

Step 1

Click Windows + I to access your computer’s setting window.

Step 2

Click Privacy from the options list.

Step 3

You open a new window to click the left pane of the microphone.

Step 4

Click on the Change button in the right pane now and check if the device’s microphone access is ON.

Step 5

Next, switch the toggle under Allow all applications to flip right to access your microphone.

Step 6

Simply close all windows open and verify whether your Logitech mic works.

Device Settings Not Done Properly

Have you checked your device settings? Or you don’t know how to do it yet. Don’t worry, and we’ll also attempt to resolve that issue in this article. However, you must know that the device settings get to tamper with by your friends or siblings. So, you might need to check them out every time you encounter this problem.

  1. Outdated Audio Drivers

This is also an easy problem to solve. You don’t need to do any technical repairs or settings. Instead, you merely have to turn your data on and update the audio drivers. Then, you’ll be back within range again.

Now let’s go over these problems one after the other and proffer the best solutions to them.

  1. Faulty Microphone

If you have a faulty microphone, it could be due to several causes ranging from poor handling? Damage during shipping, or even as a result of the headphones being too old.

Any of these reasons may be fixed by a technician. However, you advised that you return the headphones to the store if you discovered the problem just when you bought them.

You can also avoid damaging your microphone or even your headphones by handling it with extreme care and checking the settings to ensure that nothing has been tampered with.

This is strictly for Windows 10 users. If you believe that your Logitech microphone is not working, isn’t because it is faulty or anything of that nature, you should consider carrying out this setting. You should see a positive difference. So here’s what you have to do.

  • Click on start in your Windows 10. You’ll find that at the bottom left corner of your home screen.
  • Click on the settings icon to reveal more settings, and there you will find Privacy. Click on that too.

Under privacy settings, you should see the microphone option at the bottom of the screen.

  • The microphone settings screen would open up, and then you can click on change to reveal a small box asking if you want to turn your microphone on.
  • Click to turn it on if it’s off. Remember that you have to make sure it is on whenever you’re trying to record anything or play a multiplayer PC game.

Although most PC games come with separate microphone settings, you must ensure that the one on your Windows 10 is already on, or the settings there wouldn’t be functional.

  1. Correct Your Device Settings

Once you are confident that you have access to the microphone on your computer and in all other apps, it will be time to check the settings to verify if the hardware device is appropriately setup. Then, follow these procedures to resolve the Logitech mic that works on your PC:

Step 1

On your keyboard, click the Windows button, and you will see the menu search box.

Step 2

Click the Control Panel App button to launch the Searches Control Panel App window in the search field.

Step 3

You will have to click on the View By menu in the right corner of a new window. Step 3:

Step 4

From the drop-down, choose Small Icons and then select Sound from the list of the following options.

Step 5

You have to click on the recording button to open a new box. The device that you set up on your computer will be listed here.

Step 6

Click any place in the microphone list below, and select Show Disabled Devices from the little context menu that opens.

Step 7

If your mic is found here, right-click and select Enable from the context menu. Enable the Logitech G533 Mic.

Step 8

When the device is activated, the recording tab is shown underneath the microphone. Click on the default button to make it the default device. Then, click on it once to choose it.

Step 9

Next, right-click and pick Properties on your Logitech Mic.

Step 10

A new window will open, with the Levels tab being pushed and a 100 percent slider to the right.

Click on OK wherever required and exit the settings. If you have followed all these steps exactly how it was listed above, you should be able to hear your recordings by now.

4.Set Your Audio Drivers Up to Date

Updating your audio drivers is the ultimate way to address this problem. The drivers are little programs that operate as a software-hardware translators. If there were no drivers, then maybe it would never function with the hardware device and all its applications. Three options to upgrade your audio drivers are available, all of which work 100%. But the time, effort, and comfort factors for each of them are different.

Official Website Update Drivers

You may access the OEM web page and get the new driver and install it on your system if you know the sound card model/version installed on your PC. But an incorrect driver would instead screw up anything.

Device Manager Update Drivers

The built-in device manager of Microsoft is pretty adept at updating drivers automatically. However, only drivers on Microsoft Servers are searched and not available on the OEM websites.

Smart Driver Care Updates Drivers

Smart Driver Care is the most refined driver update program that automatically checks your computer’s hardware and then looks up the most up-to-date and compatible online drivers. It then analyzes drivers to those installed and substitutes for the missing drivers that are corrupted and obsolete. The best feature is to update and correct problems with the driver in only a few clicks. The person who uses intelligent drivers requires no technical skills, as it is pretty simple to use. The Smart Driver Care steps are as follows:

Step 1

Download and install from the link below the Smart Driver Care:

Step 2

Start the application and complete the process of registration.

Step 3

To find out the driver faults on your computer, click on the Scan now option.

Step 4

Finally, click the All option to update your computer to solve all the driver issues.

Smart Driver Care is a great tool that takes your driver’s backup before they update. Compared to the other driver update alternatives listed above, the scan results and upgrading procedure are quick.

Logitech Gaming Software Reinstall

Another alternative that does not work is to deinstall and reinstall the Logitech Gaming software to repair your Logitech G533 mic. It is a pretty straightforward approach, and you may take the following actions:

1: To open the RUN box, click the Window + R on your keyboard.

2: In the text area, type “appwiz. cpl” and click OK.

3: A new window that displays your system’s application list will open. To remove it from your PC, choose Logitech Gaming Software and press the Uninstall option at the top.

Step 4: Open a browser and head to the Logitech Support Website once the program is deleted. Download the newest version.

Step 5: After downloading the file, click the execution file and follow the instructions on-screen.

Check now your Logitech G533 microphone that does not function.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Do I Test My Logitech Microphone?

Ans: Logitech creates several computer microphones for recording notes and voice chatting on various apps (for example, instant messages and gaming). Every Logitech microphone has its own built-in drivers and does not require installation. However, in the Windows control panel, you still have to alter your settings.

First, connect your PC with the Logitech microphone. Connect it to the “Microphone” port on or at the back of your computer when it is a standard microphone. Connect it to any existing USB port if it is a USB microphone.

Second, adjust the settings for the microphone. Then click the “Start” button from the Windows taskbar or start menu while running WindowsXP. Next, click on the “Panel Control” button. Next, click on “Audio & Sounds.” Next, please click on the tab “Audio.” Next, click the “Sound Recording” button.

Get on by clicking the “Start” Orb in the Windows taskbar if you run Windows Vista or Windows 7. Click on the “Panel Control” button. “Sound” clicks. Click on the tab “Record.” Click the Logitech microphone name double-click.

Third, check the “Mute” button and adjust the outgoing and incoming volume of the sliders for the microphone. To record a sample, click on the “Test Microphone” button. To try it, click the button “Record” and talk to your microphone.

2. How Do I Fix My Logitech Wireless Headset Mic?

Ans: Logitech’s microphone wireless headsets are designed for telecommunications and gaming utilizing Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). The advantage of a telephone wireless headset is that you can walk about and talk. However, the wireless headphones of Logitech might be a problem with poor or no Sound, poor hearing, no interface, and no indicator lights. Thus, several troubleshooting methods are correct.

Step 1

Turn on the computer and ensure that the adapter is fully plugged into a USB jack if no light is present. If the headset doesn’t charge, look for a light on the power adapter. You might have to try another power socket or jack. Next, load the headset fully and then disable and turn on the headset if it does not work. Next, look for a wireless adapter status light. If the headset cannot establish a connection, move the headset closer to the wireless adaptor. Problems of connection are highlighted by green light blinking.

Step 2

If you don’t hear any sounds from the headsets, use the “Volume Up” button on the right earpiece on most Logitech wireless headsets. Then, take a look at the software application settings you use. For example, look at the audio speaker settings in the Skype VOIP program and drag the bar right.

Rotate your microphone if others cannot hear your voice, so it lines with your lips. The red light on the boom of the microphone indicates “mute.” To turn it off, click on the Logitech logo, button silent.

3. How To Fix Team Microphones by Adjusting Privacy Settings?

Ans: Windows trouble solving

So, here are some additional steps to try if you have any problems with your microphone.

Check permissions for your application.

One of your privacy settings may need some changes. How to verify:

Settings for Opening.

Choose Microphone under Privacy.

Ensure that the microphone access setting is on for this device.

If the setting is already activated, switch off and restart the setting.

Close and restart all applications.

How To Fix Teams’ Microphones By Using A Web Version?

Select the options of your browser

You need to verify the permissions and settings of your browser. For example, you may have to “allow” your microphone and camera to function with a team.

You may start with Settings (or Options) and then find the microphone and camera, whether using Chrome or other browsers (such as Microsoft Edge or Firefox.

In Chrome, for instance:

Settings > Site Settings > Settings > Privacy and safety > View site-specified permissions and data.

In the search area, type “teams.microsoft.com.”

Open and navigate the group “Microsoft.com” to find and pick “teams.microsoft.com.”

Set the Microphone and the Camera to permit these devices to access.


All these solutions will come in handy for you, but logitech microphone taking it to the technician is your last resort. I have only placed it first so that you can know that it’s a possibility. Also, if your Logitech is a new one, you should visit the store from where you bought it and make your complaint.

I hope these tips were helpful.

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