Gaming Headphones Without Mic Not Working? [What To Do?]

We all are fond of playing video games, don’t we? But while playing games gaming headphones without mic not working is a common problem. Isn’t it?

If your headphones have started to fail, different things may be happening. One of them is that it is a defect in the headphones themselves, but it could also be a problem with the audio jack.

What can be done in such cases? Therefore, to help you out here is a complete guide on how to fix gaming headphones without mic not working. So, here we start:

Gaming Headphones Without Mic Not Working 5 Easy Ways TO Fixing The Issue

Gaming Headphones Without Mic Not Working

1. Replace The Headphones

Replace The Headphones

If you’re lucky, it may just be a problem with the headphones. The jack connector of these has been damaged, and therefore no longer makes a good connection.

If so, to check it you will only have to use a few more headphones, regardless of their quality, to reach a conclusion and know if the problem was in the headphones, and when changing them for others it no longer happens, or if the problem is on the mobile.

If it’s on headphones, everything is very simple. Change them for new ones, and try not to use those that are failing, because they could damage the jack socket of your mobile.

2. The Fault Is From The Mobile/PC jack.

The fault is from the mobile PC jack

If the fault is in the jack of your mobile, you have a much more relevant problem. Why? Because in this case, you cannot substitute it. You can tell because when connecting other headphones, you still have the same problem.

If it is a minor problem, it will probably become more relevant over time. And be that as it may, it has no solution. A priori, it could be changed for another jack, right? But it is not possible. The jack sockets are soldered to the base plate of the mobile.

Disassembling and reassembling it is not easy. But more complex is changing the jack socket for another and selling it and making it look good.

Thinking about changing the motherboard does not make any logic, both due to complexity and cost, as well as the difficulty of finding the component.

Thus, if the problem is the mobile jack, you should know that you can forget to use headphones with a jack socket. However, today there are still some solutions.

3. Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones

If your problem is the failure of the mobile jack, the right solution is Bluetooth headphones. These headphones are wireless. They are connected by Bluetooth technology to the mobile, and thanks to this. We do not require a cable or a jack.

It can be a great solution, and we have a whole range of options in all available price ranges. Are Bluetooth headphones the right solution? Our colleagues from ADSL Zone have analyzed it this way.

4. Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth adapter

An intermediate option could be to use a Bluetooth adapter. Maybe we have some very high quality wired headphones and want to use them to listen to music. But the jack on our mobile has been damaged. That is not a problem.

There are Bluetooth adapters that also have built-in remote control and have their jack socket. The adapter connects the mobile via Bluetooth, and to this, we can compare the wired headphones.

These adapters are small and usually have a clamp so as not to lose them. They are the right solution for using Bluetooth, but still using high-quality headphones.

5. USB Type-C

USB Type-C

And finally, we have the USB Type-C. It is possible that if we have this type of connector, the manufacturer of our mobile has decided to do without the headphone jack.

If that’s the case, we don’t have the jack problem. But it is also possible that we have a jack socket, and at the same time, we have a USB Type-C socket.

In this case, we could use the USB Type-C connector with the headphones through an adapter to replace the analog jack socket with the digital USB socket. It is another good option for you.


So, these are some of the solutions on how to fix gaming headphones without mic not working. If you follow the steps correctly, they will work for you, hopefully.

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