24mm Vs 10-18 mm Lenses – Which One Should You Go for Next?

24mm vs 10-18 mm

We all begin preparing our next lens after purchasing a new camera to replace or augment the lens including its series. This is where the true challenge begins, you have to find one of the numerous choices currently accessible in the marketplace. And if you’re a Canon APS-C camera consumer searching for only a wide-angle …

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Prime Lens Vs Zoom Lens For Video | Which Is Better?

Prime Lens Vs Zoom Lens For Video

Each filmmaker can figure out which types of lens(s) they should use before launching any film or media production shooting. In the prime lens vs zoom video lens, which cannot be as straightforward to select, because so many considerations might affect this preference. Have the glimpse on the article to get the clear ideas on …

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How To Hide Camera For Pranks? [Without Any Doubt]

How To Hide Camera For Pranks In 4 Easy Steps

Are you thinking of shooting a really interesting prank video but you’re not sure how you can properly hide your camera to make it more real? You’re in the right place to learn just how to do it. What makes a prank more interesting is the fact that the prankster doesn’t give any hint that …

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How To Live Stream Your Camera To A Computer? [Like A Pro]

How To Live Stream Your Camera

Are you thinking of putting a live video online through your computer? Have you tried several means but to no avail? Well, when you try these steps, you would know how to live stream your camera to a computer. Sometimes we don’t just want to post an already made video of our works online. Especially …

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How To Set Up Your Prank Camera? [Complete Tutorial]

How To Set Up Your Prank Camera

Are you about to go on a prank shooting adventure? Are you thinking of a way to properly do your prank camera set up for a successful prank? Guess what, that’s exactly what you’ll get here. Your camera should be your most treasured equipment for any prank you’re doing. Before you consider any other factor …

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